Thursday, July 12, 2012

Translate This for Firefox

Like most of the people (internet users), I spend a lot of time surfing internet. And one of the important part of surfing internet is?? Any guesses

 A WEB BROWSER (ta da).

There are many browsers which are available out in the market like the ancient INTERNET EXPLORER, THE MOZILA FIREFOX and the latest GOOGLE CHROME. I started my internet surfing life with MS Internet Explorer and then moved to the mighty FOX and finally moved to CHROME and stayed to it for a long time because of many of its nice features but since last few days chrome started eating up a lot of memory and it makes my PC F**KING slow and to be honest, I hate that. Also, what's with the frequent crashes, and its making me loose the love I have for Chrome.

But even with all this bulls**t, I stayed with chrome and that was because of one reason which I miss in Firefox or Internet Explorer and that is Chrome's Web Page Translation feature. Its very handy and lets you break the barrier of language. I tried to look for some Add-ons for Firefox which can provide this web page translation feature but all of them are not as good as Chrome's web page translation.

Then I came across a Firefox addon which I find better than other available addon is "Translate This". It's easy to install with no restart required to your Firefox and by using a simple shortcut you can get your page opened in the same tab or another tab translated to your language. At the end, it uses the Google Translate website.

You can get this plugin from here.

Once it's downloaded and installed, you can see it's icon at the status bar of Firefox

Hold the SHIFT button and then right click on the "Translate This" icon on status bar and the following window will appear. Configure the addon based on your preference.

Now everything is set and you just need to use the shortcut to translate a page. In my case I opened a french website "" and after using the shortcut (CTRL+ ALT + t), I get this:

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