Thursday, June 21, 2012

Django - Overview



What is Django ?

Django is high-level Python Web framework that was released under BSD license in 2005. It emphasizes re-usability, rapid development and DRY (don’t repeat yourself) principle. There are a lot of great web development frameworks available, like Ruby on rails and Codeigniter for PHP that follow same principles so we could say that Django is just another fast development web framework but with different flavor. With the help of Django, a developer can build and maintain high-quality Web applications with minimal effort.

Why use Django?

  • Django is fast and stable.
  • It’s very scalable.
  • Let’s you work outside the scope of the framework as required.
  • Fast development and code readability.
  • Very well documented.
  • And the list goes on about Django’s pros over other web development frameworks.

Required Knowledge

  • Should have the basic understanding of procedural and object-oriented programming: control structures (e.g. if, while, for), data structures (lists, hashes/dictionaries), variables, classes, objects, etc.
  • At least hands on experience with programming in Python and understanding of how libraries work. If you don’t know python, click here.

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